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Tune in To Radio HG

Tune In to Radio HG radio play festival returns this year with four classic radio programs. Be part of our studio audiences at the WBFR radio studio (The Coolidge Theatre, Deane Center for the Performing Arts) August 18 – 21, 2022. 

Studio audience members can see how the voice actors, sound effects technicians and musicians work together to create a story using only sound. The program will be performed live and in-person at the Coolidge Theatre three times. Live performance dates are August 19, 20 at 7:30PM, and August 21 at 2:30PM. 

The event will be streamed on the web August 27, at 7:30PM

Production Sponsor is 

Wellsboro Electric Company

2022 Season Sponsor


Thank You!

August 19 - 21, 2022

HG complies with CDC Guidance for COVID-19 protocols. 

Coolidge Theatre
Deane Center for the Performing Arts
104 Main Street
Wellsboro, PA 16901